What the lads have to say about Shane.

Bryan on Shane
Shane is so talented. If Im having problems getting a song right, Ill go to Shane for help. He can be really lively one minute and then hell suddenly go really quiet. He loves getting out and meeting fans. Bryan has also said "There's a misconception that Shane is good looking"

Kian on Shane
Shane and I are very close. We are both very committed to making this band as successful as we can. We spend ages talking about songs, and about how the band is getting on. Hes good fun to be with.

Nicky on Shane
Shane is sometimes very serious, and sometimes hes off-the-wall mad. Hes great to talk to about anything and he thinks about things very deeply. Hes got very strongly held ideals.

Mark on Shane
Hes very talented and a great craic to be around hes extremely funny and can have us in stitches in minutes. He has a million-watt mega-smile that can light up the darkest room. Just three things to remember girls: hes very romantic, hes a bit of a wiz in the kitchen, and hes very ticklish!