Shane's SMS

16th June 2003
Hi! im really enjoying the tour - especially when the fans R on stage wiv us! been enjoying myself on the golf course & been working hard in the gym! Luv Shane

15th May 2003
Hi! hope U R Well. Im v. busy @ mo, UK leg of our tour is starting now & im also playin in a footie comp this Sunday with Nicky and Brian. Tour is amazing. x

April 2003
Won 2 catergories @ Capital Awards last night! Tour's begun, if u have a ticket wait til U C R outfits, their FANTASTIC, a pleasure to perform in! C U soon. Shane

3rd April 2003
Hi, me & the lads r still rehearsing bigtime for our coming tour, jus making sure all the moves r perfect! You know?! Tour starts on the 14th. Shane. x

20th March 2003
Howdy! (Still a bit of Nashville in me!) We r starting tour rehearsals this week...VERY excited bout it, and the new single out on Monday! Keep well. Luv Shane. x

14th February 2003
Hello! Iv had a bit of a crop! Look out 4 my new haircut in the Tonight video, itís a little shorter! Hope you get all you want 4 valentines! Shane x

31st January 2003
Hello, hope your well. Im in Nashville right now learning the ways of country and western! Its all a good laugh :-) Will keep U updated. x

24th January 2003
Hello! Its been a busy few weeks. I got engaged! We hav jus shot the video for our new single & then we fly to Nashville soon! Take care and c u soon. Shane xX

8th January 2003
Iím feeling back to my old self after my time off in December. Had a great holiday and (as you know) got engaged!! Looking forward to working on the nu single Sx

3rd January 2003
Hi its Shane, Thank u 4 ur continued support u r all mad! Looking 4wd to recovering & seeing you all soon. Have a great new year. Love Shane

20th September 2002
Hi. Itís my sisterís wedding this weekend. So weíre all going home to be with her and enjoy it big time! I might even do a speech or maybe even a song! Luv S x

2nd September 2002
Hi howís it going? Its been quality 2 b in LA. Weíve been doing sum star spotting but yet to see any 1 famous. Lookin 4wd 2 our GH. Love Shane xx

21st June 2002
Hi. Hope u r well. Its been good 2 be back in Ireland, Iíve been doing some more work on my new house which is coming along nicely. Hope to be in there soon! S

21st May 2002
Hi this is Shane. Tomorrow weíre performing a special perf of BBB for Blue Peter. Should be good fun, maybe weíll get a badge :-). Hope you like the single S x

9th May 2002
We are having such fun on tour. Our cool tour bus is massive! Itís got two living rooms, 10 bunk beds, 2 bathrooms and DVDs. Hope you are having a good day. Cu S xxx

4th April 2002
Hi. Sorry I havenít txted for a while. The 1st night of the tour was gr8t, the fans reaction was amazing. Tomorrow is the secong night so fingers crossed. Luv S.

8th March 2002
Hi its Shane. Iím so excited cos weíve started rehearsals. We r doing WOOO right now! U r going to love it! Canít wait to see u at the gigs. Love Shane xx

14th February 2002
Hi this is Shane. Hope youíre having a great V day. I know youíll be getting a ton of cards and flowers so add this txt to the pile :- ) See you soon. Shane xx

30th January 2002
Going to the Far East 4 a few days. Just got back from doing Childline in Dublin which was a laugh. My holiday tan is already falling off. C u soon. Shane xx

8th January 2002
Iím on a tropical beach sunbathing and slapping on the lotion! Life is good! Iíll be back in mid Jan but for now I think Iíll order another orange juice! Bye Sx

12th December 2001
Hi Shane here, hows it going? Its been quality to see so many of you at the Smash Hits Tour and Poll Winners. Lookin 4wd 2 Xmas now. Take it easy. Love Shane

10th November 2001
Hi this is Shane, this is my first Platinum txt. How has ur day been? I had 2 get up early today 2 b on Capital Radio. Did u listen to it? We had such a laugh.