Shane Quotes

"You put the banana in her 'you know what I mean'...And you eat the banana out of her 'you know what I mean'...And you put cream on it and eat it out of her fucking **** (Whistles and twirls hand)" 
"A lot of the time, I just stare at a girl. I dont care if they look at me or catch me doing it....I'd just like to say sorry to al the girls I've stared at!"
"I bought 20 pairs of trainer ankle socks for some reason! I know you can get them anywhere, but I'd never worn them before!" 
"I think Kian will age quickest, physically and facially. Kian's groove is scooting back quickly, ya know!" - With best friends like you, Kian doesnít need an enemy!
"I really love melon for breakfast. It wakes me up and I feel kind of fruity!" 
"I always hated snakes. Sssssssssss..all that, ugh! I hate the sight of them. Ssssss, yuk! If one came near me, I'd boot it as far away as possible." 
"When I was in the band IOU, I bleached my hair blonde. It was a total disaster - it looked like a bad version of Kian's!" 
"Bryan and I once had a two-hour argument over a bottle of hair mousse!" 
"Iíd never pose naked! Oh, OK then I probably would! Itíd be an awful thing to do, but I might be persuaded for a billion pounds!" 
"Iíd love to own Coca Cola. Iíd just sit on my bum getting richer and richer! How cool would that be?"
"I have done it a few times. Once you get with the lads you canít help it!"
"Iíd go out with them all cos theyíre so good-looking!" 
"Iíd love a really big family, the same as mine." 
"I treat my girlfriends like royalty, like theyíre the Queen!" 
"Itís me and Kian who are the ones who donít know when to stop!" 
"Men have nipples cos they wanna be like women!" -
"I think Iím pretty good at giving advice. The lads know they can come to me if they need a chat, and I go to them too." 
"Seriously, itís hard to have girlfriends as we are away so much - thatís the reality of it and itís going to get worse before it gets better."
"I felt weird. I was dead paranoid about it. I thought, ĎIs everyone staring at me, is it obvious?í" 
"I did used to get embarrassed when I was 14. But now? I donít think so!" 
"I went away for a three-day rugby tournament and I forgot all about my boxer shorts. We were in the middle of nowhere and I had to wear the same pair, day in, day out, even during the matches. They smelt after a while!" 
"When I was younger I was always getting caught changing on the beach. Usually Iíd be spotted in the sand dunes with my wet shorts half on and half off. Iíd think, ĎGreat! No-one can see me hereí, and then a group of girls would come past and see the lot." 
"When I was about 14 if I was with just one girl Iíd always end up with three or four of her friends, one after the other. In fact, I went out with one girl just because I fancied her best friend. It was the easiest way to get near her!" 
"I used to flick straight to the lingerie section in my mumís catalogues. I thought it was deadly! That was my first glimpse of real women! I remember one day watching a girl in her bedroom just as she started undoing her trousers. The window sill got in the way so I couldnít see anything. Then she was just about to pull her top off but she changed her mind and pulled the blind down!!!"
"Young male, 5ft 9ins, dark hair and ready for action!" 
"I wouldnít know, I havenít slept with any of them recently." 
"I have a baby to pay for and you have a dog to pay for" Shane to Nicky