Shane's Profile

Shane Filan's profile. this is taken from Top of the Pops magazine a while ago, it has been edited slightly since then but anybody is welcome to contact me if they think something needs adding.

Name: Shane Steven Filan
Nickname: Sleepy & PC (Pure Class)
Date of birth: July 5, 1979, Sligo, Ireland
Star sign: Cancer
Family: Shane is married to Gillian and they have 3 children, Nicole, Patrick and Shane. Mum Mae, dad Peter, brothers Finbarr, Peter and Liam, sisters Yvonne, Denise and Mairead. All of Shane’s brothers and sisters are older. 
Height: 5ft 10.5in
Distinguishing features: Cute laughter lines
Natural hair colour: Blackish brown
Celebrity crushes: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicole Kidman, Donna Air, Cat Deeley, Faye Steps and Kelly Brooks. Add a new gal every 24 hours.
Alternative career: A sexy show-jumper. Shane’s mad about horses and has won a rosette or two in his time.
Before Westlife: Was about to embark a thrill-a-minute course in accountancy!
Hobbies: Snooker, Golf and Horse riding. Shane used to play for a local football team in Sligo.
Favourite food and drink: Italian, steaks, pizza, McDonald’s, chips, Snickers, Twix, Coke and 7-Up. Large box of Rennies.
Favourite smells: Polo Sport and Gillette body spray.
Favourite book: Bob Geldof’s autobiography “Is that it?”.
Desert island CDs: Michael Jackson, Brain, BSB, Mariah Carey and some geezer called Ronan Keating. Never heard of him.
Help! fire - pass me: “My white gold bracelet and holy medal blessed by my mum.”
Hot fashion tip: Anything black… and sleeveless.
Scary fan moment: Having his trousers ripped of by fans, leaving him standing in the middle of Dublin wearing only his boxers!
Embarrassing moment: Has been known to fly rather low on stage.
School memories: Says he was “a Messer” who was forever singing to himself.
On marriage: Dreams of a white wedding in Ireland… but not ‘til he’s older, about 23.
Spends loads of dosh on: Having a house built for his parents.
Naughtiest childhood prank: Once dropped a seriously smelly fart in the middle of Mass and a group of young ladies. Charming.
Law-breaking revelation: All hail Sligo’s infamous penny sweet thief!
Rock and roll moment: An Indonesian mag voted Shane ‘the voice of the 21st century’!
Describes himself as: Upfront, caring, funny (he hopes), thoughtful and a bit of a mammy’s boy.
What Westlife say: “Oi, pay more attention or we’ll kill you!”
Secret vice: This dirty boy used to flick straight to the lingerie section in his ma’s catalogue. Also rather partial to bare legs and high heels.
First taste of popdom: Ma made him a microphone out of a washing-up liquid bottle when he was six.
First job: Shoveling fish ‘n’ chips in his folks’ greasy spoon.
Expensive hobby: Cars. Owns a swank BMW, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin DB9.
Can't live without: Calling his mum every two minute. Sweet.
Would rather forget: His fetching bowl hairdo complete with funky, chunky, blond streaks. Also the huge red spot that kept him – and his nose – company during the Boyzone tour.
The most likely to have a hairy back: This baby ape shaves two-three times a day.
Last complained when: There was no Sky TV in his hotel room.
Date him if: You’re into wearing stilettos without tights. Extra points given to “reddish blondes”.

Taken from 2005

Birthday and place of birth
: 5th July 1979, Sligo
Starsign: Cancer
I never thought that Westlife would: Still be hugely successful seven years on
My favourite Westlife moment: Meeting the Pope
My favourite Westlife track: Flying Without Wings
My favourite Westlife video: Fool Again
What the other guys say about me: That I am generous and a nice guy!
When I'm not working I like to: Change my daughter’s nappies!
My motto is: Everything happens for a reason