How well do know Shane?

This is really easy I will add a list of the answers and entries next week. I will surprised if you all don't get 10/10. Just write answers in the box and I will email you telling you how well you did. I will also put you on this page with how many answers you got correct.

Quiz 27/05/2013

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1. Shane's middle name?
2. Shane's D.O.B?
3. Shane's eye colour?
4. Shane's star sign?
5. One of Shane's hobbies?
6. Favourite Westlife song?
7. How many kids he has?
8. Favourite colour?
9. One of his sports cars?
10. How old is he?
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Gemma - 8/10
Naomi 10/10
Linzi - 6/10
Heidi 9/10
Joanne 10/10
Kirsty 9/10