Site Information

Here is the information about the site owner and the site itself. Some of this is on the main page as well. 

Name: Sammy
Since: October 2005
Layout: Me
Location: UK
Host: Fasthosts

Programs used to make everything on this site: Abode Photoshop, Paint shop pro X, Animation shop 3, Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and Filezilla FTP. There's probably more but I think that's it. 

Information about me. 

More info about me for those who want to know: My name is Sammy I have been a huge Shane/Westlife fan since they were IOYOU I have met them quite a few times as well but as luck would have it I have never had my camera with me to take pictures. I am 31 years old and a single parent of 3 girls who are also westlife fans. My other loves are the internet, my children of course, I have 1 dog. I am also a huge rock music fan, lol I only really like 2 pop acts and westlife are 1 of them of course the other is their ex-manager Ronan Keating I think he's gorgeous. I have seen the lads several times in concert, in Manchester, Liverpool, Wembley, Cardiff, Newcastle Dublin and Nottingham to name just a few. My fave colors are green and black but at the moment I have a little obsession for baby pink. My favourite parts of Shane are his hands, chest and smile, he has the most amazing voice I have ever heard and I love hearing him sing live, there is never anything to fault about it. 

Me and Shane taken during the Where We Are tour in  2010, click on the picture for a larger version.


I am not Shane, I don't know him and am nothing to do with I am just fan like you, so please don't send me messages for him as he wont get them. Please respect Shane's privacy and his personal, I will never have anything personal on here, this site is all about his Westlife life nothing else. Thank you for visiting my site and be good all :).