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Hello everyone, welcome to my Shane site, please feel free to browse around, follow us on twitter @SFUnofficial and leave a message on the tag board. Please note this is not Shane's official site, that can be accessed at shanefilan.com. Also I am not Shane, I am a just fn like you. Thank you for visiting my site. Go and visit his official site and follow Shane's official twitter @ShaneFilan. Don't forget to look out for Shane's #FilanFriday's

16th November 2014

Updated the you & me tour section with the winter tour dates
Added 8 shows of tour pictures
Updated Picture of the month

7th September 2013

Today's Update:
Updated Singles
Updated Albums
Updated Picture collages
Added Single signing pictures
Updated Picture of the month
Added Solo tour information
Added Competition - Win a Signed CD single - Everything to me

26th July 201

Today's Update:
Added Everything to me Video Captures
Added Radio tour pictures
Updated Picture collages
Updated Singles
Updated picture of the month
Site of the month has been awarded to FilanDaily.com

27th May 2013

Today's Update:
I have done a little overhaul of the site. As you can see there is a new layout, I hope you all like it. I have reorganised some of the pages, for instance the music section is now split into Solo and Westlife Music. As Shane releases his singles and albums then some of the other pages will probably change also.
I have updated all the games
Added a new feature to the gallery called picture collages
There are also some new graphics
Added 1 new affiliate. It is a role playing site, so go and check it out:

23rd July 2012

Today's Update:
I have added 6 new games to the fun section, so go and have a play.
I have updated one of the affiliate buttons.
I would also like to wish Nicole, Shane's daughter, a happy 7th birthday, I hope she has a lovely day

20th July 2012

Today's Update:
Added 4 new avatars
Added 1 new letter blend
Added 4 new Blinkies
Added 1 new wallpaper
Added the lyrics to the extra tracks on the latest Westlife album
I have just noticed that there is a video missing from the above header picture, email me or fill the contact form out with the video name and I will email you back with an untagged picture of your choice from the site. I will be adding this years tour pictures on the site in the next few days so if you would like to wait till they are added that's fine ;)

18th July 2012

Today's update:
Added New Layout
Site of the month has been awarded to FilanForever
Added a new blend
Updated the Jigsaw puzzles, there's 3 new pictures to solve.
The crossword has been changed

20th June 2012

Today's Update:
Updated a few things, I realised today that some thing's don't look quite right on Google Chrome, I have rectified all of the font issues. I am working on the main box view as its position, as it is out of sync on Google Chrome.
I have changed the twitter widget to Shane's twitter.
I have updated adopt a part of Shane, Describe Shane and Picture of the month.
Added the setlist for the Farewell tour.
We have 2 new affiliates. Go and pay them a visit.

25th October 2011

Today's Update:
Tour 2012 - Added the new tour dates
News - Added all the latest News about Westlife's split, there's also details on how to enter a competition to win tickets for the ITV Special the lads are doing.
Fun - Kelly Hau adopted part of Shane
Message from the Webmaster:
This site as you all know concentrates on Shane's profession life, following the recent announcement of Westlife's split this site will remain open. I will add updates when I can when the lads officially split next year after the tour until then it will be business as usual. I will be adding video captures of the new video sometime this week if I can get them so they are not blurred, not had  much luck so far ;) Shane just doesn't keep still :P. I hope all the fans out there aren't too upset and are feeling OK.

18th October 2011

Today's Update:
News - Added some recent News.
Gallery - Added a twitter pictures page
Picture of the month - Updated
Music section - Added new album and single details
Tour - Added all the new tour dates

18th September 2011

Today's Update:
Gallery - I have uploaded scans of all the official calendars from 2001 - 2011.

28th August 2011

Today's Update:
Games Section (added some entries)

5th July 2011

There's not much of an update today, but here at Shane Filan Unofficial would like to wish Shane a very Happy 32nd Birthday, we hope he has a great day wherever he is and what he is doing.

28th June 2011

Today's update:
Updated Spot the difference and added a hint to the puzzle's
Updated the Shane's facts page
Added a new game Crossword
Added News
Added more Video Captures from the official video's, these are now fully up to date.
We have 1 new affiliate Shane Filan Fans, so please go and check them out, thanks.

26th June 2011

Today's update:
Changed around all the current Galleries
Added 1 new Gallery
Added HQ scans of the Gravity Tour Programme
Added Video Captures for the following official videos: I have a dream, seasons in the sun, against all odds, my love, what makes a man, I lay my love on you, uptown girl, queen of my heart and world of our own.
Added this weeks entries to the fun section
Added News

20th June 2011

I have fully updated the tour section:
Added Back Home Tour Pictures
Added Where We Are Tour Pictures
Added Gravity Tour Pictures

17th June 2011

The whole site is now up and working properly with a new layout, any problems just Email me. The music section is now up date. We also have a new affiliate, so please go and pay them a visit.

15th June 2011

The whole Gallery section is now working. I have updates the tour section I will be adding some of my pictures once I have the whole site working.

12th June 2011

The Galleries 1-8 are now up and running, I know this has taken me a while but didn't have the time to spend on it. Over the next couple of weeks hopefully I will get the rest of the site uploaded and recoded.

25th April 2011

The site is under maintenance so some links may not work, also the galleries may not work properly but I am working on it.