The DVD's

The Westlife Story

Date of Release: 29.11.1999
Format:Video/ DVD Notes: DVD (released June 26th 2000)
Highest Chart Position: 3

Includes a feature on the band's first year in the music industry, and 6 promo videos.

Track Listing: 1 . The Westlife Story 2 . Swear It Again 3 . If I Let You Go 4 . Seasons In The Sun 5 . Flying Without Wings 6 . I Have A Dream 7 . Fool Again

Coast to Coast (Up close and personal)

Date of Release: 27.11.2000
Format: Video/ DVD
DVD (released April 9th 2001)
Highest Chart Position: 1
Includes a feature on the album launch event, an 8 song live-set they band performed at the event, and 6 promo videos.

Track listing: 1. Coast To Coast Launch Feature 2. Medley Of Number Ones (live) 3. What Makes A Man (live) 4. More Than Words (live) 5. Against All Odds (live) 6. Against All Odds (live) 7. Angel's Wings (live) 8. You Make Me Feel (live) 9. Fragile Heart (live) 10. My Love (live) 11. Seasons In The Sun 12. I Have A Dream 13. Fool Again 14. Against All Odds 15. My Love 16. What Makes A Man.

When Dreams Come True 2001

Date of Release: 19.11.2001
Format: Video/ DVD
Highest Chart Position: 1

Track Listing:
1.Dreams come true
2.No no
3.If I let you go 
4.Swear it again
5.Somebody needs you 
6.Seasons in the sun 
7.I have a dream
8.You make me feel 
9.When your looking like that
10.My love
11.More than words
12.My girl
13.Cant get next to you 
14.Aint too proud to beg
15.Baby I need your loving
16.What becomes of the broken hearted
17.Fool again
18.Uptown girl
19.What makes a man
20.I lay my love on you
21.Flying without wings

Unbreakable - Greatest Hits Vo1 1

Date of Release: 11.11.2002
Format: Video/ DVD
Notes: Another number 1 DVD release for the boys...

Info: All conquering Irish boy band WESTLIFE have 18 of their videos rounded up on this disc including such huge hits as "World Of Our Own," "Flying Without Without Wings," "Uptown Girl" and "Seasons In The Sun". Some of the tracks also include alternative US versions and there is a selection of behind the scenes footage and interviews for the dedicated fans.

1.Swear It Again
2.If I Let You Go
3.Flying Without Wings (Includes Concert Footage And Mini-Documentery About The Making Of The Video)
4.I Have A Dream
5.Seasons In The Sun (Includes The Studio Recording Of This Track)
6.Fool Again
7.My Love (Includes The Studio Recording Of This Track)
8.What Makes A Man
9.Uptown Girl (Includes Mini-Documentary About The Making Of The Video)
10.When You're Looking Like That (DVD Also Includes Concert Footage)
11.I Lay My Love On You
12.Queen Of My Heart (Includes Mini-Documentary About The Making Of The Video)
14.World Of Our Own (Includes The Studio Recording Of This Track And A Mini-Documentary About The Production Of The Video)
15.World Of Our Own - US Version
16.Bop Bop Baby (Includes Mini-Documentary About The Making Of The Video And A Photo Shoot In LA)
17.Unbreakable (Includes Mini-Documentary About The Making Of The Video)
18.Swear It Again - US Version

Greatest Hits Tour 2003

Date of Release: 06.10.2003
Format: DVD
Notes: Another number 1 DVD release for the boys...

Extra bonus features include:
Promo videos for Miss You Nights, Tonight, Tonight Remix, Hey Whatever and When You're Looking Like That [Alternative Edit]

Plus interactive games and a backstage tour, and the documentary 'Westlife Bringing It Home', covering the rehearsals for the tour and life on the road, right through to the final shows at the band's hometowns.

Track Listing:
1. When You're Looking Like That (Live 2003)
2. If I Let You Go (Live 2003) 
3. Tonight (Live 2003) 
4. Flying Without Wings (Live 2003)
5. My Love (Live 2003)
6. Bop Bop Baby (Live 2003)
7. Queen Of My Heart (Live 2003)
8. To Be With You (Live 2003)
9. I Get Around (Live 2003)
10. Do You Love Me? (Live 2003)
11. Twist & Shout (Live 2003)
12. Great Balls Of Fire (Live 2003)
13. Kiss (Live 2003)
14. Fool Again (Live 2003)
15. Swear It Again (Live 2003)
16. Written In The Stars (Live 2003)
17. Unbreakable (Live 2003)
18. Uptown Girl (Live 2003)
19. What Makes A Man (Live 2003)
20. World Of Our Own (Live 2003)

Turnaround Tour 2004

Date of Release: 15.11.2004
Format: DVD
Notes: Recorded at the Stockholm Globe on May 29th 2004, on Westlife's Turnaround arena tour.

The concert footage features 19 tracks, and runs for about 90 minutes. Extra features include:
Ain't That A Kick In The Head promo video
The Making of Allow Us To Be Frank

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Turnaround (Live 2004)
3. My Girl (Live 2004)
4. What Makes A Makes (Live 2004)
5. World Of Our Own (Live 2004)
6. Flying Without Wings (Live 2004)
7. Swear It Again (Live 2004)
8. Uptown Girl (Live 2004)
9. Help! (Live 2004)
10. I'll Be There For You (Live 2004)
11. Wake Me up Before You Go Go (Live 2004)
12. That's The Way (I Like It) (Live 2004)
13. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (Live 2004)
14. When You're Lookin' Like That (Live 2004)
15. Tonight (Live 2004)
16. On My Shoulder (Live 2004)
17. Obvious/ 'Thankyou all' (Live 2004)
18. Hey Whatever (Live 2004)
19. My Love (Live 2004)
20. Mandy (Live 2004)

No 1's tour 2005

Date of Release: 14.11.2005
Format: DVD
Notes: Filmed in Sheffield on 18th April 2005


Uptown Girl
Hey Whatever
If I Let you Go
My Love
Swear it Again
When you're Looking Like That
Disco Inferno(The Tramps)
Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison)
I Feel Fine (Beatles)
Don't Stop to till get enough (Michael Jackson)
Footloose (Kenny Logers)
Ain't that a Kick in the Head
Mack the Knife
World of Our Own
What Makes a Men
Flying Without Wings

Face to Face tour 2006

Date of Release: 27.11.2006
Format: DVD
Notes: Filmed in Wembley on 18th May 2006

Flying without wings
Hit you with the real thing
When you're looking like that
She's back + Billy Jean
Uptown girl
Addicted to love
Wild wild west
Don't cha
Colour my world
Hey Whatever
The Dance
Swear it again
Seasons in the sun
World of our own
Queen of my heart
What makes a man
You raise me up

Back home

Date of Release: 03.11.2007
Format: DVD

Track Listing

1. Up Close and Personal Back Home Album Photoshoot -
2. Home
3. You Raise Me Up
4. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
5. Amazing
6. The Rose

Back Home Tour 2008

Date of Release: 24.11.2008
Format: Video/ DVD

Info: The incredibly successful Irish boyband Westlife perform to a massive home crowd in this, the biggest live concert of their career to date. Recorded at Croke Park Stadium in June 2008.

Track Listing

1.Hit You With The Real Thing
2.World Of Your Own
3.Something Right
4.What Makes A Man
5.Uptown Girl
6.Easy Way
7.If I Let You Go Mandy
8.Sexyback/Blame It On The Boogie
9.Get Down On It
10.I'm Your Man
11.Let Me Entertain You
12.Already There
14.Queen Of My Heart
15.Fool Again
16.Catch My Breath
18.Us Against The World
19.Swear It Again
20.Flying Without Wings
21.When You're Looking Like That
22.You Raise Me Up

Where we are Tour 2010

Date of Release: 24.11.2008
Format: Video/ DVD

Info: Filmed Live from the o2 stadium in London. This show was also broadcasted live on Sky Box Office.

Track Listing

1.Where We Are
2.What About Now
3.When You're Looking Like That
4.My Love
5.Uptown Girl
6.Swear It Again
8.If I Let You Go
11.I'm Already There
12.I Gotta Feeling
13.Halo / How To Break A Heart
14.Boys Are Back In Town
15.Sex On Fire
16.What Makes A Man
17.Flying Without Wings
18.World Of Our Own
19.I'll See You Again
20.You Raise Me Up

Special Features:

Where We Are The Documentary
What About Now The Video