There's a few people I would like to credit for this site.

Graphics. First of all the layout was made with paint shop pro X, I just love that program, also a lot of the graphics were made on there too. Also Abode Photoshop I also use that program for graphics. 

Pictures : I have got my pictures from various sites over the years, as well as scanning posters myself. I would like to thank the webmasters of all the following sites for all there hard work, Shane Filan Online, Shane Filan NL, Westlife. com, Westlife Planet, Shane (this site is now closed), The Filans, Westlife Turnaround (this is now closed). Westlife Domain (now called Westloife). Then there's the picture sites, Getty images, newscom, rex features, showbiz Ireland. I would also like to thank all the magazines that have supported Westlife and issued posters available for me to scan. You can find most of the sites in the links section.

Media. I would like to thank Susan at the committed for all her hard work as this is where I get most of my video's and audio. Thanks hun great site. 

Site in general. I would like that thank anyone who has ever helped me with other stuff like html tutorials, psp tutorials, basic information that I wouldn't know if you guys hadn't have told me. 

Personal thank you's. I would like to thank Dalinka, Debbie, Katrien, Anne and Pep you guys are awesome, thanks for everything. I would also like to thank my best friend who is also called Debbie who I guess you can call the site photographer as she takes most of my tours pictures for me, I am useless at them lol they always end up blurred. 

The man himself. Last and by no means least I would like to thank Shane Filan (you know what they say 'Save the best till last' hehe) Thanks Shaney we all love you. It thanks to him that I have this site, of course i wouldn't have at all, you give me the inspiration to do it so thank you.

If there's anyone who feels they deserve a mention and I have missed you off please contact me and I will add you, I am sorry.